How to ready for IVF treatment during COVID-19

How to ready for IVF treatment during COVID-19

As we all know this is really tuff time for everyone, as we see our patients who are waiting to start thereIVF Treatment in Pune are get flustered due to this Covid-19 disease, but we are happy to tell you that we are always here to support you as much as we can. Here our experts are suggested you some points to take care of during this lockdown so you are taking care of yourself as possible as you can to begin treatment.

Use this lockdown time to make sure your body is ready for IVF treatment and Pregnancy

Make you are doing regular exercise at home & maintaining your healthy weight. Also, make sure you are concentrated on your healthy diet.  We know this time is difficult for us, but trying to stay relax and giving up some hobbits like smoking & drinking will help to optimize your fertility treatment status.

Do your research

If you look into our website and our social media pages you will get lots of information about IVF treatment also you can contact our IVF specialist Dr. Pritam Sulakhe he will give you the best information regarding IVF treatment.

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