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Nucleus IVF - semen analysis center in Pune

Nucleus IVF is the most trusted semen analysis center in Pune. Semen analysis is one of most important investigation for infertile couple. Single semen analysis can tell us health of sperm. Ideally it should be tested with an abstinence between 3-7 days. 3 days abstinence is said to be good. Collection should be done at center itself to avoid temperature related issue. WHO recommends two semen analysis should be done atleast with gap of fourteen days to increase accuracy. The analysis typically includes several parameters:

  1. Volume: The amount of semen produced in one ejaculation. Normal volume is typically between 1.5 and 5 milliliters.

  2. Sperm concentration: The number of sperm present in each milliliter of semen. A normal concentration is usually at least 15 million sperm per milliliter.

  3. Motility: The percentage of sperm that are moving and how well they move. At least 40% of sperm should be motile for the sample to be considered normal.

  4. Morphology: The size and shape of the sperm. At least 4% of the sperm should have a normal shape.

  5. pH level: The acidity or alkalinity of the semen. Normal pH is between 7.2 and 8.0.

  6. White blood cells: The presence of white blood cells in the semen, which could indicate an infection or inflammation.

  7. Liquefaction time: The time it takes for semen to liquefy after ejaculation. Normally, this should occur within 20-30 minutes.

  8. Fructose level: The presence of fructose in the semen, which provides energy for the sperm.

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