Male and Female Fertility Evaluation in Pune

Nucleus IVF - Fertility Center in Pune

At Nucleus IVF Center, a leading fertility center in Pune, we provide comprehensive fertility evaluations for both men and women through detailed history taking and examination. For women, we assess menstrual history, ovulation patterns, past pregnancies, and any gynecological issues. Physical examinations include pelvic assessments and ultrasound imaging to evaluate ovarian and uterine health.

For men, we take a thorough medical history, including previous illnesses, surgeries, and lifestyle factors that might affect fertility. A physical examination focuses on the reproductive organs, and a semen analysis is conducted to assess sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Our holistic approach ensures that all potential factors contributing to infertility are identified and addressed. This thorough evaluation enables us to create personalized treatment plans, maximizing the chances of successful conception. Trust Nucleus IVF Center, the premier fertility center in Pune, for compassionate, expert care on your fertility journey.


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